Picture of Marathon and Half Marathon by Sam Murphy

Marathon and Half Marathon by Sam Murphy

From Start to Finish. So you want to run a marathon or half marathon, but you don't know where to start, how to train. what to eat and drink. how to dress, how to prepare for the race, or even which race to do.
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Marathon and Half Marathon: From start to finish will guide you through the entire process. From your very first steps to beyond the finish line, it will ensure that you not only complete your race, but that you enjoy it! Nobody said that training would be easy, but with this book your journey to the finish line will be more enjoyable, effective and ultimately successful.

- Comprehensive training programmes, suitable for all levels of fitness and commitment, for marathons and half marathons.

- How to fit training into your busy life.

- Improve your running technique and avoid injury.

- Mental tricks for when the going gets tough.

- What to eat to improve your performance.

- Fundraising advice for charity runners.

- World marathon guide - info on all the major marathons.

ISBN: 9781408112823.

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