Polar FT 80

A heart rate monitor for fitness enthusiasts who want to improve strength and cardio.
Manufacturer: Polar

All the features of the FT60 (plus weight loss graph).

Includes the Strength Training function - This function enables the user to download their strength training programme to their wrist unit (via It will then by way of a graphical display inform the user exactly how long to rest between sets.

User can add the G1 GPS or footpod unit to give speed and distance .

Comes with the FlowLink for uploading and down loading data.

Lap and split times.

100 files in memory.

Heart Rate curve using

In the Box: Polar FT80 Training Computer, Polar H1 heart rate sensor, Polar FlowLink data transfer unit and Guide Book.

Colour: Black with white screen and Black with black screen.


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