Polar FT 60

For committed exercisers - the STAR Training Programme tell you how much and how intensively to train.
Manufacturer: Polar

Has all the features of FT4 and FT7 calories burned etc (excluding the fat burn/fit screen).

Ability to add the G1 GPS or S1 footpod system to give speed and distance.

OwnZone function - This function will determine the users maximum HR for the seesion based on how they are feeling on that day.

Offers the Polar fitness test (V02 max) as described in the FT40.

New Star training programme - This programme is like having a personal trainer on your waist. It will determine for you your weekly training targets, for example, it may say you need to do 5 hours 17 minutes of training for the coming week, it will then break this target into zones, e.g. zone 1 - 1 hour 10 minutes, zone 2 - three hours 18 minutes etc. At the end of the week it will text you with your results, automatically up dating your coming weeks training based on the results of week just completed.

Includes graphical display of weight loss, has 100 files in memory.

In the Box: Polar FT60 Training Computer, Polar H1 heart rate sensor and Guide Book.

Colours: Red, Black and Lilac are female watches and Black for Men.


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