Polar FT 40

For active exercisers who want clear guidance and to monitor their fitness level.
Manufacturer: Polar

All the features  of the FT4 and FT7 (excluding TargetZone as on the FT4).

50 files in memory.

Data transfer via Flowlink uploadable to PC or Mac.

Energy Pointer screen (as described in the FT7).

Has the Polar Fitness Test - By way of a five minute test the unit is able to give the user a V02 max score (this is the bodies ability to utilise the  oxygen breathed in and distribute that oxygen quickly to the heart, lungs and muscles) the quicker the body can do this the fitter you are and the better performance.

By using the fitness test results the user can track their levels of fitness as they progress with theit training. (It is advised to take a fitness test once every 4 - 6 weeks).

Weekly training summary.

Colours: White and Black for the female watches and Black for the Men.


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