Extreme Adventure Food - Ultra Fuel

Extreme Adventure Food Ultra Fuel is especially formulated for people taking part in sxtreme sports such as triathlon's, marathon, Ironman, mountain marathons, desert running, ocean rowing, high altitude mountaineering or any activity that requires a sustained effort over a long period of time.
Manufacturer: Extreme Food

It is a liquid food with added vitamins and minerals.

It is convenient. When you need to eat or take in calories or in a situation where it is difficult to make a conventional meal, or maybe you just don't want to stop long enough to prepare a meal, you will find Extreme Adventure Food Ultra Fuel the perfect alternative.

It is a balanced high energymeal with mixed chain carbohydrates, amino-acids, vitamins and medium-chain triglycerides that are absorbed within minutes. The ingredients are commonly found in conventional meals. However, unlike conventional foods, these nutrients do not first have to be broken down in the stomach, but are assimilated directly.

Extreme Adventure Foods Ultra Fuel tastes great and provides fast and lasting energy. It comes as a powder in 100 gram servings in a stand-up pouch. Just add water, mix or shake and simply drink from pouch.  

Available flavours: Vanilla, Chocolate, Banana, Strawberry, Hot Chocolate and Liquid Cereal Breakfast.

100g Serving contains:

Kcal: 443

Protein: 20g

Carbohydrate: 58g

Plus 50% RDA of the following:-

Potassium: 1000mg

Calcium: 400mg

Zinc: 5mg

Magnesium: 187mg

Vitamin C: 40mg

Vitamin B1: 0.55mg

Vitamin B2: 0.70mg

Vitamin B6: 1.25ug

Folic Acid: 100ug

Pantotheric Acid: 3.0mg

Niacin: 8.0mg

Biotin: 25.0ug

Flavours: *
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