Altra Men's Provision 2.0

Experience flexible stability from the inside out with the new Provision 2.0.
Manufacturer: Altra

Innovative StabiliPod technology provides a tripod of stability by boosting support in the medial, lateral, and heel of your foot. A built-in stability wedge slopes down from the medial to lateral sides of the foot to provide extra support and prevent excess pronation. Innerflex technology utilizes grid-like flex grooves in the midsole to let your foot flex where it needs to for more speed and stability. And like every Altra shoe, the Provision 2.0 features a FootShape toe box that lets your toes relax and spread out for a more comfortable, stable run and a fully cushioned Zero Drop platform that encourages natural running form and a low-impact foot strike. Run fast, free, and stable with the new Provision 2.0.

What's NEW: StabiliPod Stability System. Built-In Stability Wedge. Redisgned Upper. Additional Cushioning. Designed to improve: Running form, toe splay, excessive pronation and fallen arches. Zero drop platform and footshape toe box. Stack height: 25mm.

Weight: 9.8oz.

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Old price: £120.00
Price: £96.00
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